• Carton Making Facilities

    For your prompt decision, Arami Group by having carton making/printing facilities renders extra services:
    We supply all our customers with cartons, printing any specified print on them (Name, Address, Logo) according to the customers' needs.
    Arami Group Packaging Services, Carton Making and Printing Facilities, for Iranian Dates, Iranian Raisins, Iranian Pistachios which have below advantages:

    • The cheapest mode of transport with optimum container space, we load as much as
    • possible safe and sound into the containers / trucks to reduce transport cost.

    • It is our Customers' right to have their own LOGO on the cartons.

    Customer satisfaction is Arami Group mission.

  • Shipment Services

    Reducing the prices of Shipment:
    Our shipping dept. has a real time connection with most of the available shipping lines and therefore can offer the best prices in the market for carrying your products.
    Arami Group reducing the prices of Shipment for Iranian dates, raisins and pistachio